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Loli on the Prairies
Let's get together

User: alaggi
Date: 2016-09-13 00:21
Subject: Is this page still active?
Security: Public
Doesn't look like it, but I still have hope :c
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aeri_adore posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: aeri_adore
Date: 2014-03-03 00:29
Subject: Hello!
Security: Public
I'm new to lolita fashion, and wondering if the Edmonton group is still going? I tried joining the FB group and haven't gotten an acceptance yet. Would really love to join :)
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kikutan posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: kikutan
Date: 2013-09-08 19:48
Subject: Calgary Loli Meet-up
Security: Public
Hello, new to the community. I'm interested in meeting other Lolita's nearby and taking photos, having fun.
We're planning on going to Heritage Park on September 15 (next Sunday) and meeting at 9 am at Heritage station. If you're interested, let me know here or join the event on facebook, it's called Calgary Loli Meet-up and it's a public event.

I'm looking forward to meeting anyone who can make it!
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myriadcookies posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: myriadcookies
Date: 2013-07-16 18:42
Subject: Introduction
Security: Public
Tags:introduction, meetup
Hi, my name is Maria and I'm a newbie from Calgary. I've been into the fashion for a few years, but only started dressing in it recently. Would anyone be interested in a meetup?
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comedic_crow posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: comedic_crow
Date: 2013-05-29 02:55
Subject: Allo' Chaps
Security: Public
Hello folks,
Edmontonion here; Right smack dab downtown after being stuck in the middle of nowhere for a while.

My passion was recently rekindled after a 3-4 year downtime; Luckily I still happen to have 2 skirts and two JSK's left in my closet. (But that's it - So if any of you ladies have any blouses for sale...)

I'm Gothic/Classic style; Punkish when I'm not really in the mood to dress up.

Really seems like the place has died down a lot over the past couple of years.
Have you guys migrated to another social networking site for your arrangements or are things just really quiet? (If so - We need to breathe some life into things.)

Lastly - If anybody would like to meet-up sometime for fun I'm a pretty bored individual.
Lets do stufF!
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phlogistonia posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: phlogistonia
Date: 2013-05-20 19:57
Subject: Introduction
Security: Public
Location:Canada, Red Deer
Hello, I'm Carli. I am 19 and living in Red Deer currently. I am new to using Live Journal and to the whole Lolita community as well. I watched your panel at Otafest and became interested in actually purchasing my first outfit. If any of you have any tips for a first timer or places you recommend shopping at it would be much appreciated. *^^* I look forward to speaking to you guys.
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fake_choco posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: fake_choco
Date: 2013-05-04 22:41
Subject: Hello
Security: Public
Location:Alberta, Canada

For people in Edmonton who needs a ride to Otafest. Feel free to let me know, me and my friend is going to carpool to Calgary on Friday morning. We are going to split the gas.

As usual, I'll be doing a lolita panel.
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fake_choco posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: fake_choco
Date: 2013-02-22 10:10
Subject: Otafest 2013 Lolita Panel
Security: Public
Location:Edmonton, AB

I'm guys, I'm here to check whether anybody has submitted Lolita panel for Otafest 2013? http://www.otafest.com/2013/panelists. If you did I would love to join, if not I'm planning to submit one and I would love to have you guys to join the panel to show varieties of styles we can have. It will be Lolita Fashion 101 thing we will be covering the basics of the fashion.

Update: I have signed up for hosting a Lolita Panel. I hope it gets approved.
Update 2: It got approved. See you there!
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fake_choco posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: fake_choco
Date: 2012-12-14 13:37
Subject: Nutcracker Tea Party
Security: Public
Tags:edmonton, meetup
For those who are interestedCollapse )
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alexis von vixen posting in Alberta Lolita Fashion
User: lexi_kist
Date: 2012-09-30 09:24
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Hey ladies,

I thought i better re-introduce myself since I haven't been on here in years!
I am Alexis, 24 from calgary and definitely a sweet lolita!

I have been so busy, but I would love to see a meetup soon?

Also I just cleaned out my closet a little bit and am selling a couple things here and would love to see them go to a good Alberta loli home!
(hopefully thats okay!)
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